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About Trade Magic Educare Pvt. Ltd

Trademagic is founded by Mr. Sagar Agrawal who is MS in Pharma. He started his stock market journey in 2013. Initially did blind trading and lost huge amount later to discover that how much financial literacy and stock market education is needed in the society. So to overcome the misbeliefs about stock market and bringing more and more people into investing and trading, he himself started studying fundamental and technical analysis of stock market, being a quick learner, he invented some of the strategies which works fantastically in the market.

Mr. Sagar started his first batch with 9 participants in his café, and as the participants started getting benefit, they slowly started giving references and gradually batches started happening all over Maharashtra. To make this mission bigger TradeMagic Educare Pvt ltd Company was formed and first batch participant Mr. Jignesh Jethwa joined as a director in the company. And from then Trademagic is spreading their wings all over Maharashtra and now with the webinar, all over the globe.