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Who Can Participate?

Employees, business owners, Government Employees (collectors, commissioners), housewives, small business, big business, professionals like doctors, CA, CS, Advocates/ Lawyers, Police, Consultants & whoever wants to learn Share Market…

If you want to grow & want to be rich & wealthy, if you want to make money work for them, have 100% white income, want to make lot and easy money, have consistent huge profits, want to spend less time & earn huge profits, want to live luxury life, want to create their own Identity as status symbol, want financial freedom, passive income, want to focus on asset building & not just income and if you want to have financial literacy.

2 Days course conducted in renowned Hotel in the city

Day 1 Day 2
Breakfast 9:00 am Breakfast 9:00 am
Course Starts 10:00 am Course Starts 10:00 am
Tea-Break 11:30 am Tea-Break 11:30 am
Lunch Break 2:00 pm Lunch Break 2:00 pm
Hi-tea Break 4:30 pm Hi-tea Break 4:30 pm
First Day Ends 6:00 pm First Day Ends 6:00 pm

Equity Market Commodity Market Demat Account Trading Software
All from basic Derivatives Market - Future Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis Trading Techniques & Strategies Portfolio Management & Financial Planning

Trade Magic Educare Pvt. Ltd

Team of Trade Magicis always alert for your growth in finance. Currently operating from 10 locations of Maharashtra and soon moving towards other states of India. Complete share market education with financial literacy, calls/ tips services through mobile app, lowest brokerage in the industry with top services and portfolio managemenet.

Trade Magic– The Alchemist of Your Finance… Trade Magicis made up two words, one is finance and other is Philanthropist.


Philanthropist is a person who selflessly contributes to the other’s life. As a company, we Philanthropist, who selflessly contributing in people’s financial life. The alchemist of your finance means, alchemist is a person who turns base metal into GOLD.

The core members of Trade MagicEducare Pvt. Ltd. are into education and trading since last 12 years and in last one month (May’18) alone we have opened 9 branches of our company in Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandubar, Chalisgaon, Sangamner, Pusad, Sangli & Ahmednagar. Soon we are coming up in Jalna, Parbhani, Pune, Thane and Surat. We got students from outside Maharashtra and overseas also. That means our theories and education works in all markets whether it is Indian or International.

Since Feb-2017 we are also into share market education and could reach upto 500 people till Feb’2018. On the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya 18th April 2018 we started our company Trade MagicEducare Pvt Ltd and in one month of time span we reached 9 cities with our franchise module. Now our course is available at Nashik, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Dhule, Chalisgaon, Nandurbar, Sangamner, Pusad & Sangli. Soon we will be at Thane, Pune, Surat & Bhopal.

As a company our purpose is to: Transform the way money is made and freedom of time with ease and grace.

Money can be easily made with right kind of financial education. People who make money and multiple it have taken regular education about it. So, come and get the right education and start earning daily.

Wishing You Most & More!