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Why Share Market?

  • No need of office space -Like many other businesses you don’t need office or shop, you can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile phone and internet.
  • No product/ services required –You don’t need any product or provide any services. It is the simplest business, provided you learn it, practice it and implement it.
  • No inventory required –one of the biggest challenge in any business is inventory, stocking and continuously changing trend. With stock market you don’t need any.
  • No workload –you’re your own boss, you decide how much time you want to work and how much you want to earn. Relatively limited time is required to earn money.
  • No theft –the good news is our money and stocks are safe, no one can withdraw our money without our consent or no can steal our shares like physical investments.
  • No team/ one man army –If you start a business or if your team member left the job then, you may face serious work issues, but be relax in stock market its only you. You’re the Boss.
  • 100% legal things –Yes you heard right, whatever we are going to learn and implement in stock market is completely legal.
  • No credit headaches –Most businesses suffer heavy losses due to creditors not giving money on time, in stock market simple rule is “ No Udhaar “
  • Time for family and self –most of the people live their life making others rich, especially employees and many business men don’t have time for the family because of hectic schedule. Stock market allows you to work as per your schedule, those who are doing job can do trading after job hours, and Saturday, Sunday compulsory off.
  • For wealth creation –How you would have felt if your grandfather or father has left huge fortune for you? You could have in the seven heaven, this you could do for yourself and your next generation by investing into a quality stocks.