Advance Technical Analysis Workshop – Module 2

Advance program is designed for both intraday and postional trades who really want to get additional edge in Stock Market and wants to earn handsome income and really looking stock market as a primary/alternative source of income, and we promise with these knowledge you can create miracles.

Advance course is nothing but more then 10 years of Mr. Sagar Agrawal (Chairman Managing Director of TradeMagic) sir's Stock market Experience & researches and outcome of thousands of hours chart observation through Technical Analysis.

Its a Journey from Initial losses to consistent profit, Success Story of how hard work will pay off in the end & provide long term sustainable and consistent gain.

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Key Features of our Advance Technical Analysis Workshop

Learn & Earn Module 2

Gann Advancement:

With 2 digit and 3 digit GANN, helps us to identifity Major support & resistance levels of Indexes and Stocks and easy to identify trends...

Why NFITY 50 always taken exact support and resist at levels : 18300 – 17600 – 16900 – 16300 – 15700 – 15100 - 14500 – 13900 – 13300 – 12700 - 12100 - 11600 - 11100 - 10600 - 10100 - 9600 - 9100 - 8600 - 8100 ???

Covid 19 Pandemic Crash, why Nifty 50 exactly taken support/bottom at 8100 Level ???

Have you ever thought of why ??? Well its nothing but GANN Advancement.

Gann Advancement
Fibonacci Retracement, its Ratio's & How to use it as S/R:

Just like GANN, Fibonacci retracement is also one of the theory used in stock market toidentifity support & resistence, the accuracy is more then 80%, and fibonacci levels are works like anything.

Fibonacci Retracement
Breakfast Trades ( Morning Breakfast Rituals ):

You will observe our Advance course participates, Sagar sir and Jignesh sir will put profitable screenshot in group in first hour only after market start, and you will never ever find any pattern on charts.

Why ???
Because its advance level of observation and trading.

Five Pandavas ( Super Confluence Zone ):

Smartest way to findout out Confluences zones to identify reversal for stocks & indexes, having 90% + accuracy called Five Pandava’s. Helps you to maximize profitability & accuracy of your analysis.

Zero Intelligence, No Brain - Ready to use Strategies ( Positional & Intraday):

More then 12 years of back tested and trusted strategy that can be use for intraday + positional trading and can be immediate solution to alternate source of income from market. Gives consistent Profit.

Handling a Human Element while Trading ( Difficult right ? ):

Many people while trading and investing, they just can’t control their emotions and grid. "SAB KUCH PATA HONE KE BAAD ME BHI LOG KU STOCK MARKET ME GALTI DOHRATE HAI ?" Advance level of Psychology will help you to control your human elements on Advance level.

Live Trading Session:

Its TIME TO EARN through, WHAT you have LEARN in Advance module. Live trading session with Mr. Sagar Agrawal sir will help you to understand the Advance content more precisely when start earning from the market.


100% Money back guarantee if you don’t understand the course,
No star Mark and No terms & conditions.

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