Learn and Earn Module I

Key Features of our Learn & Earn Module I, Includes:

  • Technical analysis through candlestick and Line chart pattern
  • Support & Resistance and increase probability of profit
  • Learn successful formulas of trading & trade set-up
  • How to minimize the losses & Maximize the profits (Risk Management)
  • Trader's psychology - Only 5% of traders are experts in it which results in a successful trader
  • Why only 5% of people in India earn from the share market and you can be in that 5%?
  • Know hidden facts of share market & Basics of share market
  • How to earn even when the market is going Down
  • How successful Investing & trading should be done?
  • How to create daily income & good wealth + keep your existing profession and create alternate source of income
  • How to plan your finance & investments
  • After course support till you get a complete hold on technical analysis and earn through our education
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100% Money Back Guarantee

if you don’t understand the course, No Star Mark and No Terms & Conditions.

Why Share Market?

  • No need for office space - Like many other businesses you don’t need an office or shop, you can work from anywhere in the world, your home is the best place to start with. All you need is a mobile phone, Computer (optional) and internet.

Who can Participate?

  • Employees, business owners, Government Employees (collectors, commissioners), housewives, small business, big business, professionals like doctors, CA, CS, Advocates/ Lawyers, Police, Consultants & whoever wants to learn Share Market…

What you will LEARN through this Programme?

Basics of Share Market

Many times our batch participants are fresher in market, they not even know about “S” of Share market. But that is not a problem for us, we teach you about market from very basics like: What is market? How it works? How shares are created? How we can invest in those Shares? To Advance like How and where to take entry in stocks with precise technical analysis? Where to put Stop Loss? Where to exit in profit with 4 profit booking formula? How to take consistent profitable trades?

Our course contents are scientifically well designed for fresher’s as well as experienced in market.


Share Market is Satta Bajar, Share market is “Gambling”, no buddy can earn though share market, Share market is NOT for us, do you thing with these belief you can earn through Share Market? Of course NOT, do you know 95% people loss money and only 5% people like us earning through market with right belief of EARNING THROUGH MARKET IS EASY.

Technical Analysis

Our 90% course focus is on technical analysis and technical trading. Many times you saw people are so dependent and asking their stock market investment related queries to CNBC or Zee Business news channels, and after analysing your stock they suggest you to buy or sell. We felt like they are going through rocket science to analyse your trades but trust me it’s nothing like that and so simple. With our technical analysis you will also equally capable and self-dependent to analyse your trades and decision you can make accordingly.

Support & Resistance and the pivot calculation

Support & Resistance levels help us to identified bottoms and tops of the stocks respectively, and based on these levels we take buying and selling entries. With these levels you will be minimize your losses and maximize your profits.

Gann theory

Based on Astrology and Numerology, Mr. W.D.GANN sir ( Stock Market Scientist ) developed theory called GANN Theory, based on this calculation and levels GANN sir gain on an average monthly 4000% profit, he is known as most successful trader of the world. With this GANN theory, We can trade with only numbers ( Only the Prices of the Stocks ) accuracy goes to 70% without observing any kind of patterns or indicator, Its Number Magic.


Stop Loss and its effective use

90% people don’t use stop loss while investing and trading, and that is one of the main reason to lose money in market. In our trainings we do not encourage trading without Stop Loss. When you LEARN to protect your money in market, you will easily EARN through market.

Trade Setup

Just like when you start any business, you need business setup like product, services, processes etc. Like the same way when you start Share Market trading or investment, you need trade setup, one of the most important formula to take decisions, and this setup is nothing but the answers to some questions like:

Which Stocks? What Levels? Which times? Which trend? Which pattern? Where to enter? Buy or Sell? Where to book profit? Where to put SL?

With these precise clarity in your mind, you will become completely independent for trading in stock market, without any ones help.

risk management

Risk Management

In Market if you learn to manage risk then you can protect your capital and once your capital is being protected you can take another opportunity to make money, if you don’t manage risk, then your capital wiped out in quick succession and you missed the opportunity to make money.

Majority of people, who losing money in share market don’t know What is Risk and how to manage it smartly.

Traders Psychology

We have plenty of data available on WWW or YouTube about technical analysis, you might use some of technics, but my simple question to you is: Do you made money through it in market? If you took small profit and big losses, If you have fear of losing money, If you are not following Risk Management, If you are not earning consistently, it means your mind is NOT psychologically trained, with all technical skills, your mind should be psychologically trained and developed for trading.

But don’t worry, we will fix it for you.

traders psychology
Basics of investment

Basics of Investments

Many times people wonders, Why my investment is NOT growing? Why my finance NOT growing as I want after a long period time? Because your investment is NOT in right direction at right place with right thought process with right futuristic target. Nothing to worry now, we will help you in basics of investments.

Life Time Support

Our well trained technical team is always there to support you after course, our intention is to make you earn though the market by investing and trading.

100% Money back guarantee if you don’t understand the course. No star Mark. No terms and conditions.

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