Option Pro – Option Webinar Batch

With our 20+ years of Market expertise, we design such a beautiful Option Pro – Combo webinar that will definitely help you for option trading through buying as well as selling of options. These webinars categorised in 2 modules.

Module-I Includes:

  • Opportunity to earn Decent profit with Limited Capital
  • What are the Options and their Basic? (Calls/Puts and its Payoff charts)
  • Option Greeks and its use for target & Stop loss setting
  • Types of Options ( Weekly & Monthly Options & its Trading Strategies )
  • Option Chain & its use of Support & Resistance
  • Risk management in Option Trading
  • Option Strategy – Ready to use – High Profitable Techniques – Proven, Tried, and back Tested
  • Weekly & Monthly Expiry Strategies
  • Identify Reversal with option chain like Institutions (FII/DII)
  • High returns with Less Risk (Less risk involved as compared to Equity/Future)
  • You can earn through Option buying/selling (both skills)
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Module-II Includes:

  • Advance Option Strategies by Raju Sir - Ready to use – High Profitable Techniques
  • Advance Option Strategies by Sagar Sir
  • Option Trading Golden Nuggets by Raju Sir
  • Option Psychology & Risk Management
  • Would you like to Generate Great Profit with Limited Capital?
  • Would you like to trade Options With Small Risk?
  • Do you Find difficulties In choosing Right Strike Price?
  • Have you experienced, Spot price going UP, and Call option price falling/Not moving?
  • How many of you are NOT aware of Option Greeks ( Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega ) And still trading in options?
  • Have you made losses in Options Trading? Without having enough Knowledge?

If your answer is YES,
then OPTION PRO Webinar is for YOU, Don’t forget we offer you a Life time support and nurturing till you get decent earning through option trading. Confirm your registration now…